What is a property inspection and how frequent are they?

If we’re managing your tenancy, the first property inspection will be carried out three months after your tenancy start date, and every six months thereafter. Our inspections give you the opportunity to raise and identify any maintenance issues, and confirm that the property is being kept in good order as required by the tenancy agreement.

When and how do I give notice to end my tenancy?

You’re required to give a minimum of one month’s notice to end your tenancy, which must run in line with the tenancy period date (this is normally the rent due date). Notice must be given in writing (email will be fine). Once received, we’ll acknowledge your notice and send you further information regarding the check-out process. Please note that you cannot end your tenancy whilst it is in a fixed term, unless it’s agreed by both parties. 

Who is responsible for maintaining the property?

Landlords are responsible for repairs and maintenance works, however, it’s your responsibility to make sure any maintenance issues are reported to your landlord / agent in a timely manner. General upkeep of the property such as cleaning and gardening is your responsibility, unless agreed otherwise.

What do I do if I can’t pay my rent?

We appreciate that tenants can find themselves in unexpected financial hardship. If you know that you’re not going to be able to pay your rent, please make us aware as soon as possible and be completely transparent about your circumstances so that we can discuss with your landlord and find an amicable solution.

Are tenants responsible for utility and council tax bills?

The short answer is yes. From the start of the tenancy, you’re responsible for all utility and council tax bills. It’s important that you take meter readings on the first day of your tenancy, and make sure to set up accounts with the relevant utility companies and council, to ensure a smooth transition. There are some exceptions to this, for example, some properties are let with ‘all bills included’, if this is the case, it will be stipulated in your tenancy agreement.

Can I have a pet?

If you wish to keep a pet on your property, you must put your request in writing to us, and we’ll discuss your request with your landlord. Your request will not be unreasonably denied.

Am I allowed to make modifications to the property?

As per the tenancy agreement, you cannot make any modifications or alterations to the property without your landlord’s agreement. If you’d like to make any changes, please put your request in writing to us, and we’ll discuss your request with your landlord.