Planning a property venture? Secure your future with a Buy to Let mortgage. But beware, these loans come with higher risks and specific conditions.

Need a deposit? Typically 25% of the property value, but it varies. Our team can guide you to the most cost-effective rates and help meet lender criteria.

Many opt for interest-only mortgages, paying only interest monthly. We’ll explain options like refinancing or full repayment at the term’s end.

Wondering about borrowing limits? It’s based on expected rental income, stress-tested by lenders. If there’s a gap, we’ll explore solutions like ‘Top slicing’ or higher deposits.

Explore various lenders, including specialist ones for unique circumstances like first-time landlords or non-residential homeowners.

Limited company Buy to Let mortgages are popular. Consult with tax experts to make informed decisions regarding tax implications and relief changes.

Face-to-face consultation with our local Buy to Let Mortgage Advisers ensures personalised guidance tailored to your goals and portfolio plans.

Investing in Buy to Let offers steady income and long-term property value growth. Let’s discuss your objectives and provide expert mortgage advice for a prosperous property journey.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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